ALB01 Construction has been a trusted source for Masonry for over 2 decades. With a highly trained and dedicated staff, we can complete projects above and beyond your expectations. With years of experience in residential and commercial projects in New Jersey, our staff can get the job done on budget and in a timely manner. We do it all from chimney repair, brick mason to stone blocks. Whatever your needs are, call to speak with our experienced staff for more information, and a quote for your next remodeling project!
    Masonry is not only a structure built of stone, it is a complex entity constructed of many parts and intricate detail.Masonry work is as much of an art as it is a science, for that reason you want an experienced mason when there is brick or stone work to be done. We have the knowledge, experience, and skill to complete any masonry job that you have. We will help you fix, create, design, build, whatever it may be you are seeking to do.

    Chimney Work

    Your chimney is made of hard materials that seem like they’ll last forever. But stone and other masonry materials can wear overtime with the weather. The cement crown is vulnerable most of all. The inflexible crown causes damage by cracking throughout the natural expansion and contraction of materials during different seasons. Small cracks in a chimney crown today can turn into big problems very quickly. ALB01 Construction does all kind of masonry – be it brick, stucco, stone, or block.
    Whatever your needs, and wherever you are in the project process, we will tailor a solution to provide you with exactly what you need. We handle everything from demolition & hauling, material delivery, and installation. With regular project meetings we make sure that your project is always where it needs to be.

    We Specialize In:

      • Chimney Repair
      • Stone Blocks
      • Masonry
      • Brick Walls
      • Brick Masonry
      • Retaining Walls
      • Fireplace
      • All Phases of Masonry
      • Bricks
      • All Phases of Masonry